Ardèche Escape 2023

The 1st Echappée Ardéchoise has taken place from 7 to 10 May 2023.

In the footsteps of the Mont Carlo Rally and its mythical roads of the Ardèche and the Haute-Loire!

Entry list Echappée Ardéchoise 2023


Base Camp: Hotel Le Fort du Pré 3*** in St Bonnet-le-Froid, entirely privatized for us for the occasion!

Number of cars: 25 maximum.

Entry form to download HERE!

The Monte Carlo Rally was created in 1911 and has fascinated generations of sports car lovers. The event has built its reputation on its steep roads, its special stages run at night, sometimes in the snow, and always followed by a public that flocks to admire the champions. Taking in the winding and steep roads of the Massif Central, those of the southern Alps and the hinterland of Nice, the Rallye crosses magnificent regions, ideal for exploration and discovery! From there to make you enjoy it ... it was only a step!

On the mythical roads that have made the Monte Carlo Rally legendary, you will be thrilled by the Burzet special stage, the Moulinon Antraigues special stage, of course the St Bonnet-le-Froid special stage, then St Nazaire-le-Désert, La Motte-Chalençon, ... to name but a few.