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2019-Compétitors pre-list on August 6th

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From the Azur Coast, a daily route of 300 to 350 km is waiting for you. From the Maritime Alps to the Upper Alps, with a visit to the Provence Alps, Isère, Savoie and Drôme regions in between, you’ll see the full gamut of landscapes and roads. You’ll wind your way along mountains ridges, climbing cliffs and navigating through passes, including the noteworthy Turini and Galibier. A test of unparalleled consistency where both piloting and navigation will play a predominant role in a race as beautiful as redoubtable. Ten passes will have to be crossed every day with 8 regularity tests for each stage. An hour break will be given at noon to catch. All the legendary specials of the old Alpine rallies will be crossed.


Sport is not the only thing in life ! Known for the beauty of its landscape, the Zaniroli Classic Events’ are now open as leasure drives. Unlike the regularity race, our core business, the leasure drive formula use the same roads as the rally, with a lightweight program made for your pleasure. Whithout timing, only the pleasure of driving and discover a territory matter. At your own rythm, you will enjoy a unique experience and drive on the alpine litte roads, while being in the athomosphere of the rally. Choosing this formula is the insurance of superb ride for your vintage car and great driving school for a future participation in the regularity class.

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Saint-Raphaël : 15 et 19 Septembre 2019 - Parking Beaurivage
TARIFS négociés pour le Trophée des Alpes
Contacter Dorothée TASSAN
+33(0)4 94 19 10 63 - dtassan@esterel-cotedazur.com 
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Briançon : 16 Septembre 2019 - Parking du Champ de Mars
TARIFS négociés pour le Trophée des Alpes
Contacter Agnès SCANAVIVO
+33(0)4 92 24 99 16 - groupes@serre-chevalier.com
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Megève : 17 Septembre 2019 - Parking du Palais des Sports
TARIFS négociés pour le Trophée des Alpes
Contacter Christine SOURIOU
+33(0)4 50 21 62 92 - christine.souriou@smegève.fr
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Gap : 18 Septembre 2019 - Parking de Verdun
+33(0)4 92 52 56 56 - Contacter l'Office du Tourisme