Sportive Infos 2023


Waiting the 2023 Regulations, you can Download the 2022 Regulations nearly the same:

Download the Regulations N&G 2023

Download the ADDITIVE NO.1 - Article 3.8P: Road-Book

The 68th Neige & Glace rally has received the FFSA Visa Nr. 1 dated 11/10/2022


New in regulation 2023:

ADDITIVE NO.1: Art.3.8P: ROAD-BOOK: Each day, starting with the first night stage from Sochaux on Sunday 12 February 2023, the road book will be distributed for each stage half an hour before the competitorʼs departure time.






Studded Tires:

The choice of tires is free and Burzet tires remain allowed, as well as the Square Head Studded Nokia Tires.

The choice of tires remaining the responsibility of the crews.

In case of snowy or icy roads, the fitting of studded tires will be compulsory, in both categories : Rally and Hiking.

Most of the course is most of the time on white roads, each vehicle engaged must be equipped with 2 studded tyres at minimum on the propulsion axle, except in case of insufficient snow, indicated by the race direction, authorizing tires without nails.

The number of studded wheels used is free.

Competitors must affix at the car back regulatory sticker indicating that they are equipped with studded tires (supplied by the organization)

Diameter and width tires are free compared to the original model.

Only tires that are road legal and bare the mention “DOT” or “E” on the side will be admitted. Competition tires that have the “road illegal” mention on their sides are prohibited.

Only studs authorised, must corresponding at the following standards:

- Minimum distance between 2 studs: 3.5mm

- Maximum authorized protuberance on new tyres: 1.8mm

- The number of studs must be between 100 and 150 per tyre

- There must not be any studs in the central part of the tread

- Screwed studs are forbidden. Only injected studs are allowed.

NOTE: We will be particularly vigilant with regard to the quality of the tyre equipment and the ground clearance, the unconfirmed could lead to exclusion. Studded tires must be "marked" during technical checks



Authorized instruments

All mechanical or electronic Tripmasters are permitted.

All measuring instruments, speed pacers, stopwatch of your choice are permitted.

Modern bucket seats and safety harness, which do not conform to the style of the vehicle’s original era, are allowed in the vehicles.



  • Administrative check-ins and calibrations for participating vehicles will begin as early as Sunday night, February 14th in Sochaux only.
  • For those who arrive the day before, on Saturday 11 February 2023, a trailer park and a guarded park will already be at your disposal. 
  • For those who arrive in Sochaux on Saturday night, we’ll be meet you at the HOTEL ARAMIS, located just 100 meters from the Peugeot Museum: +33 (0) 3 81 32 17 17.
  • Technical and administrative check-in will take place on Sunday, February 13 in Sochaux. You must be ready for the starting line when you present your vehicle at the check-in (fuel tank full and calibrations complete).
  • Studded tires will be checked and marked during the technical check-in.


The scrutineering will take place February 13, 2022 from 10 am to 4pm. It will be a general check and will focus on main safety aspects, such as:

- Seatbelts (if provided by the manufacturer)

- Seatbelts if the vehicle is equipped with the corresponding anchor points - the harness is recommended

- Tyres (studs quantity) –

- Fire 2 kg extinguisher

- Battery mounting

- Hazard warning triangle

- Fluorescent vest : one for each crew member

- Noise (max 90 decibels = law in France)

- Lighting

- Tow Hook.

Cars lacking adequate safety guarantees may not be allowed to participate. Cars that generate too much noise may be excluded from the event. In which case, the organizer will keep the entry fees.

- It is mandatory to have a tow hook at the front and rear of your vehicle with a minimum inner diameter of 50mm.

After the official Checks, all vehicles will be securely parked at the enclosed Parc Fermé area in Sochaux


Personnal Assistance:

  • There’s no registration for your assistance team. They are free to come and go outside the Regularity Zones. They do not need to be checked in and will not have stickers.
  • For those who wish to follow the route more precisely, you can buy an ASSISTANCE MAP BOOK for €100. Their meals can also be purchased (see pricing options)


Vehicle Eligibility:

Three categories are allowed to enter:

  • 2-wheel drive Regularity
  • 4-wheel drive Regularity
  • Trekking without the clock

Group 1: from 1946 to 1961
Group 2: from 1962 till 1965
Group 3: from 1966 till 1971
Group 4: from 1972 till 1976
Group 5: from 1977 till 1981
Group 6: from 1982 till 1995
Group 7: Four Wheel drive 4x4 - all years till 1995 (Ranked separately).



Two Average speeds to maintain for Regularity:

Low and Hight average speed:

Group 1 & 2 : Low Average

Group 3: Low Average

Group 3+: Hight Average

Groups 4 / 5 / 6 / 7: High Average



Life is not all about competing! Zaniroli Classic Events now offers motor sport enthusiasts the opportunity to join the adventure on a trail designed for 100% pleasure, without the pressure of the clock.

Now you can enjoy the SNOW & ICE RALLY as a leisurely trek, taking full advantage of the expert organization but driving through our winter wonderland at your own pace. This option is ideal for those who want to test their classic car out on the pristine mountain roads under optimal conditions, and who knows, maybe whet your appetite for a future go at the regularity competition. To help you, the GPS Tripy is also installed in your car, like the others competitors in Regularity catégory. In case of roads snowed or iced, the fitting of studded tires will be compulsory in Ride as in Regularity.



Studded Tires Seller:

We indicate below the studdable winter tires providers who are able to stud your tires at the request in accordance with our regulations.


Dominique BARRIAL - 104 Chemin de la Forêt aux Martins - ZAC Briffaut Est - 26000 VALENCE - Tel: 04 75 442 443 -

Shipping abroad


HUG-S MOTORSPORT - 81 Ch. de la Croix de Jean Brillant - ZA Les Chaumes - 38690 LE GRAND LEMPS Tél : +33 (0)4 76 07 02 22 - Contact : Hugues Giannini - - 

Italian tyres, good grip and possibility of studding.


Tripy GPS

The Rallye Neige & Glace was a pionner by offering the Tripy system based on taking your time GPS, which can multiply the number of arrivals of regularity sector, which will be 30 to 40 by stage, making the rally even sportier.
Today the greatest as the Monte Carlo have adopted the same system. A control box will be placed in each vehicle during checks in both categories : Rally and Hiking.

More informations on: 

Appendix Arrangement Tripy-R V00