Registrations 2021

CAUTION:  All included formula with hotel is full now!

Entry form N&G 2021

For Package 2 and Assistance : List of others hotels around Malbuisson

Brochure of the 67th Neige & Glace Rally



This year, the NEIGE & GLACE RALLY (SNOW AND ICE RALLY) returns to its point of fall, the charming village of MALBUISSON in the Doubs, with its favorite base camp, the picturesque hotels of the Chauvin family. This is a region that is happy to relive for 5 days to the rhythm of the race and its loyal competitors.

The entry fees are in 2 categories REGULARITY and RIDE with 2 formulas.


- The event’s overall organization

- Logistics and event general management (40 people)

- Basic mechanical assistance on site (1 vehicle and 3 mechanics)

- Local & national permits

- The GPS Tripy clocking system to ensure optimal safely and accuracy in rankings.

- A professional video documentary, a journalist, three photographers and an official press service

- Compulsory insurance covering the organization’s civil responsibility

- Security guard dogs to protect the vehicles at night in the parking areas for those who are at Hotel du Lac - the others can take their cars to go to their hotels.

- Two numbers for each vehicle’s doors, two rally plaques and one road book

- Gifts to reward all participants

And following the chosen formula:

PACKAGE 1: All included - hotel and catering for two people in a twin room (breakfasts, lunches, dinners) dinner Sunday, January 14, 2021 at the Peugeot Museum in Sochaux at breakfast on Thursday, January 17, 2021 at Malbuisson.

PACKAGE 2: Including only the 3 lunches during the rally of Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th - but without hotels or dinners. Dinners can be ordered as an option for crews and assistances staying outside. (See supplements page on the entry form).



Minus prices from 1st June till 30th September 2020: Regularity €3,600  / Ride €2,800 - Finish

Normal prices from 1st October till 30th November 2020: Regularity €3,800 / Ride €2,800

Increased prices form 1st December 2020 till 15th January 2021: Regularity €4,000 / Ride €2,800



Minus prices from 1st June till 30th September 2020: Regularity €2,400 / Ride €1,800  - Finsh

Normal prices from 1st October till 30th November 2020: Regularity €2,700 € / Ride €1,800 

Increased prices form 1st December 2020 till 15th January 2021: Regularity €2,900 / Ride €1,800 


Finsh - PROMOTION TEAM: Till 31st October 2020By registering in a team of 3 to 5 cars maximum, each crew can deduce €200 of its registration fee - Caution, in order that this promotion is effective, the inscriptions must reach us all together, or in the same week, not two months after.



Compulsory Deposit: €2,000 with the entry fees - Balance: 15th January 2021

• By transfer in account : PATRICK ZANIROLI PROMOTION - mentionned name of the crew and race

• By credit card - except American Express

Bank details : 30077 04875 12311400200 07 - Société Marseillaise de Crédit - Manosque
IBAN : International Bank Account Number : FR76 3007 7048 7512 3114 0020 07 - SWIFT : SMCTFR2A
Titulaire du compte / Account owner : PATRICK ZANIROLI PROMOTION – FR



To be taken into consideration, all withdrawals must be reported in writing (by post, e-Mail or fax). In case of withdrawals, reimbursement requirements are as follows:
For a withdrawals before November 30th, 2020:  €500 of the amount paid will be forfeited.
From December 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2020: €2000 of the entry fee will be forfeited (deposit).
From January 1st 2021:  100% of the entry fee will be forfeited.

There will be no dispense concerning these dispositions.



You should know that from the moment you attend a Rally your regular insurance does not cover you anymore.

From the start of the event it is the Civil Liability insurance of the organizer who must take over, and it covers you against third parties.

Only Rallys organized under the cover of the FFSA, provide you good insurance.

Where does the Rally take place ?

A day of checks and 3 days loop around MALBUISSON, through the landscapes and the massifs of Doubs, Jura and Ain.


The organization offers two trays trucks and 4 mechanics for the duration of the event. Their mission is to assist and repair any problems and breakages to the extent that they are easily repairable. Very large problems will end on the tray, and then to the garage.
Well honed to mechanics and old car, you understand that they are not there to rebuild a car every night, but to help you and support you. They not carrying significant parts or wheels or gasoline. The time to perform the refueling (lunch and dinner) is calculated in the timing of the day.


This year it will be any assistance registration. Personal assistance is free outside regularities tests. They will not have to go to the checks and will not be decorated with stickers. For those who wish it will be possible to buy the usual Assistance Book and meals for lunch and dinner (see SUPPLEMENTS in the entry form)