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Sunday, January 26th, 2020 : Start for the 1st Leg at 7pm: Sochaux – Malbuisson – 160 km

Monday, January 27th, 2020:  2nd Leg of the event: Doubs Loop  – 300Km

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020:  3rd Leg of the event: Jura loop – – 310 Km

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020:  4th Leg of the event: Lakes Loop –  252 Km



Created in 1953, the NEIGE & GLACE RALLY named also SNOW & ICE RALLY quickly became the place to be for winter motor sport fans from the world over! It’s where the automakers’ teams would get even with their competitors after the Monte-Carlo Rally, attracting a roster of the finest names in the business, including Gérard Larousse, Bob Neyret, Jean-Claude Andruet and Jean Vinatier. These super stars of the era came and made history, as well as incomparable moments in the lives of the day’s motor sport champions.

Having shifted into regularity gear about 16 years ago, the SNOW & ICE RALLY is now considered significantly more difficult than its Monte Carlo equivalent. Every year, the kings of winter motor sports come from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and the four corners of the world to test and prove their expertise on this event’s tricky trails. And for those who want to experience all the fun without the pressure of the clock, we’ve decided to offer a TREKKING option that enables participants to discover the REGULARITY ZONES without the stress of potentially accruing penalty points for straying away from the targeted pace.

To further enhance this year’s thrills, the masterminds behind the route’s design, PATRICK ZANIROLI and ALAIN LOPES, have increased the number of ZR and minimized the miles on the open road, hoisting the daily ZR quota up from six to eight! Each day, you’ll cover 300 km, winding (and sliding) through the wild, pristine landscapes of the Doubs and Jura, before reaching the bucolic HÔTEL DU LAC where all the necessary assistance is gathered together for this 66th SNOW & ICE RALLY that promises to delight one and all!


Every rally that’s stamped with the Zaniroli Classic Events hallmark is guaranteed to reflect the same level of absolute professionalism, and a distinctly friendly atmosphere. Leaving only the superfluous to chance, Patrick Zaniroli draws from his unusually rich experience in top level motor sport competitions to ensure smooth implementation and management of all his events, with the help of his particularly well trained and loyal support team.

In the wake of the SNOW & ICE RALLY, Patrick and his partners invite you to join them for the TRANSMAROC rally in April, and for the ladies only, the RICHARD MILLE PRINCESSES’ RALLY in June, and to complete the series, the TROPHY OF THE ALPS in October. Year ‘round opportunities to test your skills and explore new horizons!

Checks & Stage 1

Sunday 26th January 2020 - Checks & Stage 1: Sochaux-Malbuisson - 160 km of which 72 km in 4 ZR

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Classifications Stage 1 - 4x4 Category

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Tradition has it that we all enjoy reconnecting with old friends. It’s almost as if all the organizers and participants are one big happy family. Precisely three years after leaving Sochaux, the famous Snow & Ice Rally has returned to its beloved Peugeot Musée de l’Aventure for the kickoff of this 66th edition. After a full day of technical and administrative verifications, the opening leg of this year’s rally included an after-dark series of four regularity tests as a reminder of what makes this the most challenging of all winter motor sport events. Some 70 determined participants covered nearly 150 kilometers on their way to the Swiss border via Pontarlier and Malbuisson, the event’s HQ, for the launch of the 2020 Snow & Ice Rally.

When the scores were in at the end of this first leg, Joël and Corinne Sanseigne (Autobianchi A112 Abarth #42) were in the lead with 40 points, whereas Marc Augis and Rémy Levillain (Mini Cooper S #26) were in second place and the third spot went to Robert Poux and Nathalie Gengler (BMW 2002Tii #29). For the 4WD category, Arnaud Euvrard and Adeline Paquiers (BMW 325ix #3) were in the lead with 53 points, just 4 little points ahead of Bernard Figuière and Isabelle Godin (BMW 325xi #2). Daniel and Alexandre Thoreau (BMW 325xi #1) came in third place with 89 points.

The Brits… pre-Brexit. With an impressive five teams at the starting line, the English contingent was in full force at this year’s Snow & Ice Rally… just before the scheduled Brexit. Led by Adrian Crawford and Richard Williams, four Porsche 911s, including two with righthand steering wheels, and one BMW 2002TII spent two long days driving to Sochaux from the depths of Cornouaille (in the southwest). “Every year we embark on at least one of these exotic adventures,” asserts Adrian Crawford. “We’re used to road races, but this is our first regularity event. So, if you see a car heading in the wrong way on an RZ, it’s probably one of us! Which reminds me, we’re looking for a Belgian driver to give us the inside scoop on how to win because the word on the street is that they have a real knack for this!”

A day at the Museum. The Peugeot Adventure Museum is not only a landmark in automobile history, but also the lead sponsor of this 66th Snow & Ice Rally. With more than 120 models on display, including the Lion brand’s most popular motor sport champions, this Sochaux museum provided a fascinating setting for our full day of technical and administrative verifications, as well as the Sunday evening meal at the museum’s fabulous pub!

Studs, studs and more studs… As with every year, the technical verifications enable us to make sure that all teams comply strictly with the rules and regulations, especially in terms of studded tires. With up to 100 studs allowed per tire, some people might be tempted to add a few here and there. But anyone who’s out of line had better look out!

The Belgians play the field! Glued to the tele during lunch to watch their fellow countryman, Thierry Neuville, be crowned winner of the Monte-Carlo Rally, the Belgians have once again showed up in great numbers for this 66th edition of the Snow & Ice Rally, tackling two major events in just over one week. Among them, Yves Deflandre (Porsche 911) is aiming to win his 5th title for this event before heading off to his flat homeland next weekend to shine in the famous winter motor sport event entitled Legends Boucles de Bastogne.

The Sanseignes go back to their roots. Two-time winners in the 4WD category (2016 and 2017), Joël and Corinne Sanseigne have traded their impressive Lancia Delta HF for an Autobianchi A112 Abarth with the intention of joining the 2WD winners’ podium. With their nephew Romuald (Fiat Cinquecento Sporting), the family owns most of the region’s technical control centers and hopes to shine in this year’s event!

The Béhèmes play with 4WD. This year, the 4WD category will be dominated by BMW 325 ix. Six Bavarian cars will compete for the all-wheel-drive championship, and patiently await the arrival of the first snowflakes to dazzle the world with their agility and precision.

Weather: rain and then snow! The past few weeks have been particularly warm in the Doubs and Jura region but the forecast called for rain (and snow in the mountains) during the first night of the event. And plenty of snow is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday (legs 3 and 4 of the event). With nighttime temperatures dropping below zero, the event’s grand finale will certainly be spectacular!



Patrick Zaniroli (French/Event Manager): First and foremost, I would like to thank the Peugeot Adventure Museum for welcoming us back in this new decade. We’re in for four challenging legs with very unpredictable weather and serious snowfall on Tuesday and Wednesday. The home stretch is sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats!”

Yves Deflandre (Belgian/Porsche 911 #35): It’s great to be back in this part of France that we know so well. Naturally, we’d be delighted to win a 5th victory here. But there are no guarantees. We’ll take it one leg at a time, knowing that snow is forecast for the end of the rally, which will of course affect the driving conditions and thus the rankings.”