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SAVE THE DATES: The 68th edition of Rallye Neige et Glace will be from Sunday 12 till Wednesday 15 February 2023 included  -


Encouraged by success again, by the return of the event in Doubs and Jura and its base camp of Malbuisson, the 68th SNOW & ICE RALLY is revisiting its roots and the route that made it famous among winter motor sport fans for decades!   The winter, sporty and friendly event shifts by a few days. The kick-off is slated for February 11th in Sochaux at the historic Peugeot Adventure Museum where we’ll start with the technical and administrative check-in, followed by the opening after-dark competitive ride down to Malbuisson, which will serve as the rally’s hub for three straight days of slippery driving.France’s ‘Little Siberia’ offers all the advantages you need to ensure an unforgettable adventure.

The event is designed to take you on three 100% athletic loops along winding roads through the forest at the Swiss border, in the Doubs and Jura regions. The program will feature plenty of snow, ice and unexpected challenges in a tryptic that combines the unique alchemy of regularity racing, the pleasure of driving and the friendly spirit of sharing the journey with others at a remarkable hotel and a delicious restaurant.


We look forward to seeing for this new 68th edition, the sportiest of winter gives you an appointment for three days of skiing in the coldest region of France. After a start from the Adventure Peugeot Museum, it is at the Hotel du Lac Malbuisson that future participants can meet every night.

We look forward to seeing you on our lines! 

Patrick Zaniroli and his crew






The 68th Neige & Glace (Snow and Ice) Rally in numbers
- 2 categories to engage: Regularity and Hiking
- A first night stage of 160 km
- 500 km of ZR distributed in 40 ZR
- A total journey of 1000 km in 4 days

- 80 vehicles to prestigious brands fully adapted to winter rallies:

Peugeot 504, 309, 205, 104, Alpine A110, Volvo Amazon, Volvo 142S, Porsche 911, 914, 924, Lancia Fulvia, Datsun 240Z, Ford Escort, Mini Cooper, BMW 2002, 2000, Autobianchi Abarth, Citroên AX, Toyota Staylet, Opel Ascona, Renault R11, 4L, VW Golf, NSU, Subaru et BMW 325 IX in four wheel drive group.

- And the best competitors of the Regularity roads rallies at the start ! What else ...