Practical Information

The Regularity Training Day is mandatory for all new participants

To make sure you have a firm grasp of the very specific driving and navigational techniques needed for this type of event, and so you don ‘t get lost on the first day, we’ll teach you how to read the Road Book and how to use the equipment used (trip master, stop watch, etc.). 

New dates are coming ASAP!





Technical Verifications and Administrative Check-in at Place Vendôme on May 14th, 2022

The organizers will send you an invitation with the specific time at which you are expected to check-in at Place Vendôme. You must respect this schedule to keep the overall process flowing smoothly and on time. Appointments are scheduled until 3pm at the latest. Be careful to arrive in Paris the night before or hit the road very early in the morning on the big day!

The administrative check-in will take place inside the Vendôme Pavillon. The technical verifications will take place outside, on the famous Place Vendôme.

Absolutely no trailers are allowed at the Place Vendôme. You must drive there in your car.

When you arrive, go straight to the PARTICIPANTS WELCOME TENT (ACCUEIL CONCURRENTS) where you will receive a folder with all the details needed for your check-in, along with your official access badges and luggage tags. Not to worry, the stewards will be there to help guide you and answer any questions you may have.

The technical verifications focus on key safety elements such as brakes, tires, lights, etc.

During the administrative check-in, we’ll make sure all your paperwork is in order and you’ll need to show us the originals of all the documents we requested, such as the car’s registration, insurance, the owner’s authorization, etc. This is also where you’ll receive your Road Book which you’ll need to use throughout the rally.

If you have your own assistance team, they will need to be with you at the check-in so we can give them their folder with all the important details and their official access badges as well as their Road Book.

NOTE: the rally’s assistance team will not be available until the first day of the competition as they will be busy preparing for the event. Don’t expect them to help you install your trip master or repair any mechanical issues. Your car must be perfectly ready to compete! 

Licenses: this year, the Richard Mille Princesses’ Rally is under the aegis of the French Motor Sport Federation (FFSA), so everyone needs a competitor’s license. If you don’t compete often, you can get a temporary license for this event only from one of the official on-site stewards. For this, you must provide a medical certificate from a doctor affirming that you are healthy enough to drive. If you compete often, you must show us your national or international license stating that you are authorized to compete.


While you are checking in, our team of sticker experts will take care of your car.

NOTE: make sure you arrive with a full tank of fuel!

Place Vendôme Activities: we will have private open bars Rosé and Champagne, exclusively for our participants and their families wearing the official bracelets given out by the organizers (2 per team). The official Rally Boutique will be open for you to stock up on the latest treats and treasures. It will also be open each evening at the private parking area.

Luggage: You can drop your luggage off as early as Saturday the 14th to avoid the last minute rush. Our luggage truck will be parked at Place Vendôme. The truck is reserved exclusively for the participants’ luggage. It will not accept the assistants or followers’ bags.

Opening Night: After all the technical and administrative procedures have been conducted, the participants are invited to join is our traditional opening night gala at the Vendôme Pavillon. The evening usually lasts from about 7.30pm until around 10pm and includes the organizers’ official rally briefing session, introduction to our sponsors and a lovely cocktail party catered by Potel & Chabot.

Sunday, May 15th, 2022: The long-awaited starting line awaits you at last (along with an exhilarating burst of stress)!

The first team of competitors will leave Place Vendôme at 8.30am, the others will follow in the order of their official team number.

You must be ready to leave at least a half an hour before your scheduled departure, which will be confirmed via text message on your phone and will also be displayed at the Vendôme Pavillon the night before. It is important to be ready ahead of time to make sure everything is operating smoothly and to avoid any last-minute delays. 

For those who did not drop their bags off the night before, you can bring them (with your official tags) to the participants’ luggage truck which will be parked at Place Vendôme.

Sweeper Car: the organizers’ assistance team, equipped with a flat bed, will bring up the rear at the end of each leg. They can help in the event of any break down during the course. Another assistance teal will be on site at each lunch break. They can help you with any technical or mechanical issues you might have. You simply give them the keys and skip off to enjoy your meal while they fix whatever needs fixing. If it’s not too big of a job, i twill be handled immediately. If not, they will either take care of it that night at the private parking area or they will bring it to the nearest garage for repairs. Our team can work many miracles but sometimes they to call in the reinforcements.

Note: the organizers’ assistance team is NOT there to check your car every night and make sure everything is tip top (may seem obvious but apparently it’s not)! It’s there to help fix unexpected mechanical issues that could prevent you from competing. Learn the basics for taking care of your most precious treasure: your car!


Connecting legs and regularity zones: each connecting leg will bring you to a regularity zone where you will meet the steward who will give you the go ahead. Wait your turn but don’t be late! 

Lunch breaks: we choose the restaurants based on their location and their capacity (we are more than 250 people). The technical assistance team will be there to help you if you have any problems. Before or after each lunch break, the service stations for refueling are indicated in the Road Book.

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021: Closing Night at La Baule, the rally may be over, but the fun has just begun!

After the winners’ podium (and time to relax and change gears and garb), the evening gala is like a breath of fresh air, a release for everyone to let go and kick up their heels after a week of focused driving and passionate competition! Most of our princesses have a ball!


The Hotels of the 21st Rallye des Princesses Richard Mille 

The rooms are allocated by the organization.

Sunday May 15th, 2022: Stage LE TOUQUET – 2 hotels




Monday May 16th, 2022: Stage DEAUVILLE –  2 hotels



Tuesday May 17th, 2022: Stage DINARD – 3 hotels





Wednesday Myay 18th and 19th, 2022 : Stage LA BAULE – 2 Barrière Hotels x 2 nights




Rent a Classic Car for the Rallye des Princesses Richard Mille

ESPACE Century - Muriel Paolin

Muriel is passionate by classic cars and races the Rallye des Princesses Richard Mille since 2015.

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Muriel Paolin : - 06 03 07 67 97 - 01 64 48 86 66
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