Route 2022 Kilometer cutting: Total 1511 km!

 STAGE 1: Paris / Aye-sur Noyes / Le Touquet - AM: 158 km - PM : 145 km = Total day: 303 km

STAGE 2: Le Touquet / Varengeville / Deauville - AM: 165 km - PM : 163 km = Total day: 327 km

 STAGE 3: Deauville / Bagnoles-l’Orne / Dinard - AM: 159 km - PM: 169 km = Total day: 328 km

 STAGE 4: Dinard / Apigné  / La Baule : AM: 147 km - PM:  171 km = Total day: 318 km

STAGE 5: La Baule / Plescop  / La Baule : AM: 160 km  - PM: 75 km = Total day: 235 km

Petrol stations will be indicated ot the road-book.


What is a classic regularity race ?

The Princesses Rally is a regularity rally, registered in the FFSA calendar (French Motorsport Federation). It accepts French competitors as those from abroad.

The test is over 5 days - 5 Stages 300-350 km a day and takes place mainly on the back roads of France (nationals and highways have no interest in this type of event, if not to go from one point to another).

A regularity test has the stages of "connections" and "special" but said Regularity sector (SR).
The regularity is to follow an average given by the organization depending on the age of your vehicle.

Example: if you have a Triumph 60s your average will be 50 km / h. You know the departure of the regularity sector, but you do not know the finish, which is secret so that you can keep as close to the average 50 km / h.
You guide you with a road book, a stopwatch and a retrotrip (tripmaster mechanical) that lets you know the partial and total distances.

  • The role of co-pilot is very important because she will punctuate the driver conduct - like: speeds you're late, you're too slow ahead, continuing as we are perfectly in sync with our average.
  • The road book is very specific: it tells you the part away and the odometer, the box design, and the ideal time you have to do to get into each box.
  • The pros complement their daily road-book with the average time of all 300m even every 100m to be closer to the average imposed on them.

 Download Road-Book user guide


The Regularity ? : Tutorials to find on our Channel Zaniroli Classic Event (French only)

What is the Regularity? :

The differents accessories:

Read a Roadbook :

Presentation of useful materials for a Regularity rally

Chronometer, Tripmaster, car equipement, ... find the accessories for a copilot.

ELIGIBLES VEHICLES: Eligibles vehicles must have been built from pre-war to 1989
Date of the first immatriculation, divided into following categories:

Group 1: 1946 to 1961
Group 2: 1962 to 1965
Group 3: 1966 to 1971
Group 4: 1972 to 1976
Group 5: 1977 to 1981

Group 6 : 1982 à 1985
Group 7: Classic Vehicules

The Classic category is made for historical car rebuild. Classic vehicles must follow the igh average speed.

AVERAGE SPEED TO RESPECT - COEFFICIENT: Crews must traverse the TSR / ZR at an imposed average speed, which will depend on their category:

- Low Average Speed : 40 km/h for vehicles of groups 1
- Intermediate Average Speed : 45 km/h for vehicles of groups 2 and 3
- High Average Speed : 50 km/h for vehicles of groups 4, 5, 6 and 7 
- Villages : 30 km/h with Speed Control

A ranking based on crew time will be established as follows:
For each second or fraction of a second below the ideal time (advance): 2 penalty points.
For each second or fraction of a second above the ideal time (delay): 1 penalty point.

Vehicles up to 1,300 cc of capacity, whatever their Group, will benefit, only for a late arrival Z.R. checking points,  from a multiplier of their points in the TSR / ZR of 0.80. ( Except for Rotary and Turbo engines) .

Advertising on vehicles

Personnal Crew Sponsors :

It is allowed to the crews to affix freely advertising on their vehicles as far as this one

  • Is not against the current legal requirements
  • Do not distort the historic character of the car.

Except the partners event advertising the Princesses Rally allowed you to have your own sponsors in order to have all the budget.

You can also contribute for a charity or humaniterian which means a lot to you in your region.

Sponsors  of the event:

In order that the Princesseses Rally comes the nice event and to give notoriety, it need sponsors.
So we thank a lot all the sponsors which are at our sides since 15 years.

The organisation advertising will be :

- 2 Circular plates on both doors (obligatory)
- 2 rally metal plates (obligatory)

- 2 Organizer’s partners stickers (obligatory)

Their absence during the rally will result in a penalty ranging from 100 seconds to 100 € until the disqualification.


In case a competitor does not wish to affix the optional advertising of the rally partners, he has the option to redeem through an increase in the entry fee of 50%.


This material is provided by the organization, it has three functions:

It gives official time of the rally, it allows you to establish your rankings in real time, it knows exactly where to locate you, very reassuring in case of mechanical problems!


For the five year your vehicle shall be equipped with a TRIPY GPS, which checks perma- nently your itinerary and will record the intermediate time keeping points during the regularity tests

 If it is new to the Rallye des Princesses, it is not for other great organizations indeed there for 12 years on our Rallye Neige & Glace. Patrick Zaniroli had imposed it on the Dakar Rally when he was event chairman and strongly advised to the Monte Carlo Historic organizers to use it and they did.

Take the opportunity to answer several questions about the Tripy and reassure you:

Tripy is a small equipment developed by our Belgian friends - At these early stages, it was essentially made for motocross.
This is a timing system and satellite setting time.
For one regularity start it allows us to do between 5 and 10 arrivals. A steward gives you the start, 4,3,2,1 ... but there is no one at the arrivals because your time are taken by satellite.

For added security, José and Gilles Bailly, rankings professionals on all our rally, will be at HQ Race and will be able to follow you instantly. With this system, you will almost have your results "live" on your smartphone ... not bad, is not it?

Stewards always give you departure, you will always have a road book to find your way and still need your tripmaster to locate your distance.

You will find here after the APPENDIX 3 - extract from the 2015 Regulations of the Rallye des Princesses 

Read it very well -  to install the TRIPY, you will need to prepare before hand fit your vehicle with an electrical connection - according the technical specifications.

Download the Arrangement of the GPS Tripy-R V00

Tripy :

Classifications :